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 Written Update- 28/5/2007- TWO UPDATES-

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Written Update- 28/5/2007- TWO UPDATES- Empty
PostSubject: Written Update- 28/5/2007- TWO UPDATES-   Written Update- 28/5/2007- TWO UPDATES- Icon_minitimeTue May 29, 2007 2:15 am

Update by KripAngad-kyph:

The kaka leaves and Chatanya to himself says " Oh my god! How did I mistake the daughter of the house to be the servent." He has flashbacks of what he dais to Anupama. Chaitanya to himself says that when he called Anupama the servant then why didn't she say she is the daughter.

Anupama is crying and has the picture of Kiran in her hand and talks to it and says that she was only trying to create memories of her then why is dad getting mad at her. Kaka comes and concloses Anupama.

Riddhima is sleeping when Maya and her mom come to wake her up. Maya tells Riddhima that she will take the morning tea to Chaitanya's room. Maya and her mom keep on going on talking about the same thing and at the end Maya calls Riddhima a good girl.

Chaitanya calls his mom and tells her as to what he should do if he has hust someone's heart. His mom says that it can never happen that her son can hurt someone except when it happens unkowingly. His mom also tells Chaitanya to ask for forgiveness from the person he hurt.

Just then Riddhima comes with the tea and Chaitanys asks her as to what was the need. Just then Maya's mom comes and says to Chaitanya as to how sanskari Riddhima is. She also tells him that Riddhima also knows how to sing. Chaitanya asks Riddhima to sing but Riddhima gets out of the sittuation saying later.

Riddhima after getting out of Chaitanya's room tells Maya's mom as to how could she lie that Riddhima is sanskari, does prayers in the morning,does the housework after that and knows how to sing. Maya's mom says something in return which I couldn't quite catch.

Anupama comes in Chaitanya's room with his clothes adn puts them down on his bed. She sees some pillows in the wrong place and puts them back. Just then Chaitanya comes from the bathroom and Anupama tells Chaitanya about what she was just doing. Chaitanya tries to say sorry to her but before he can do that Riddhima calls Anupama and Anupama leaves.

Anupama comes to Riddhima's room where Riddhima complains about the geaser. Anupama goes to see what the problem was.

Anupama is carrying a bucket full of hot water up the stairs when Chaitanya comes. He tries to take the bucket from Anupama just to help her but Anupama says she is OK. They start having a tug - a - war with the bucket when some of the water spills on Chaitanya's hand which gives him a burn. Anupama says she is very sorry and didn't mean it when Maya comes. Maya taunts and screams at Anupama saying that she did something wrong again. Chaitanya tries to stop Maya but Maya isn't ready to stop but finally does. Maya takes Chaitanya's hand into hers and says that she will put the lotion on.

Maya's mom comes to Riddhima's room and gives her the lotion. She tells Riddhima to put it on Chaitanya bcz his hand got burned. Riddhima says as to why she should put the lotion on him but later agrees.

Anupama gives the same lotion to Chaitanya to put on. Chaitanya tries to say sorry to Anupama but before he can do that Riddhima comes. Riddhima comes and says that she heard that Chaitanya got his hand burned so she came to put the lotion on him. Then Riddhima looks at Anupama in an angry way. Anupama leaves.

Chaitanya tires talking to Anupama on the breakfast table. Just then Anupama sees Vikram adn Maya coming downstairs adn goes inside the kitchen. While eating Chaitanya to himself thinks that Anupama is still angry then why isn't she talking to him. He also says that when will he get the chance to talk to her. Vikram distracts Chaitanya to tell him something.
Chaitanya- Anupama cute moments!

Anupama comes to her room to find a letter by Chaitanya. Chaitanya in the letter asks for forgiveness for calling her a servant of the house and tells her to put a lotion on her burns too. Anupama has a smile on her face and she turns around to find Chaitanya. Chaitanya says Friends adn takes his hand out for Anupama to shake. Just then they hear Maya calling for Chaitanya. Anupama gets scared adn tells Chaitanya to go. Chaitanya says he will go but after Anupama shakes his hand. Anupama tells him to go but finally gives in and shakes his hand. She had both her hands on his hand, shaking them and looking at the door for a sight of Maya. Then Anupama finally figures out that she has both her hands on Chaitanya's hand and is surprised while Chaitanya is happy and smiling. Episode ends on Anupama's face.
It was a good episode over all. Riddhima, Maya and her mom were just plain annoying like any other day. No Veer!! I loved the last part with Chaitanya and Anupama.
Rating - 8/10
Stars Male - Chaitanya
Stars Female - Anupama
Creeps and Annoying - Riddhima, Maya, Maya's mom
Cute - Chaitanya and Veer (Even though he is not in there!)
Pretty - Anupama

Update by pixie9

hi this is my first time but since nobody posted an update i will do teh honours;)

so the episode starts with chetanya being shocked at the revelation that anupama is teh daughter of the house. he gets very upset. he calls his mom and asks her what should he do he has hurt someone. his days i know u cant hrt anyone it must be a misunderstanding and that u should apoligize. he gets all happy n excited.
maya n her mom ask redima to go give tea to chetanya and she agrees. while there chetanya says y dd u bother, i did not know u wake up so early. just then dadi arrives n starts praising redima that shes a classical singer, yoga expert n blah blah:P.
badri kaka goes in anupumas room while shes upset n tells her that i think there will be a change in your life soon n u will be happy. she smiles.
anumpums comes in chetanya's room to give him his iron clothes and starts making his bed. he comes out of the shower and apoligizes for the misunderstanding to anumpuma, while he was just saying his peice redima starts yelling didi.. anupuma rushes to anupumas room where she finds redima yelling as she was gettin late for college and there was no hot water fa her bath. anupuma quickly goes down, n while she is bringing a bucket of hot water to redima's room, chetanya comes n tries to take the bucket out of her hand. anumpuma says no its okay but he keeps insisting and in that hot water splashes on both of them. just then maya comes up the stairs and starts yelling at anupuma. chetenya tries to tell maya that it was his fault but she goes no it cant be anupuma is there to always make mistakes. while she is yelling at anumpuma chetenya notices that she too was burned by the hot water.
dadi goes to redima and asks her to go give ointment to chetenya. she agrees.when she goes there anupuma is already there giving ointment to him but as soon as she sees redima she rushes out the room. redima gives him the ointment sweetly.
in the next scene they show anupuma setting teh table, chetanya goes to her and apoligizes. just then maya n her husband come down the stairs n as usual anupuma rushes in the kitchen. maya, chetanya and her husband they all eat breakfast.
in anupumas room she finds the ointment and a letter in which chetanya has very sweetly apoligized. she satrts smiling just then chetanya comes in teh room and says sorry to her again. he says if u wont forgive me i wll go back to delhi today, and that i am even erady to do sit ups n i wll hold my ears as well. she goes no. so he goes u forgive me she nods. then he goes ok we are friends so shake hands, she keeps staring at the hand. just then maya starts calling chetanya n anupuma says go downstairs if mom came here she will be mad, but he says i wont until u shake my hand. in hurry anupuma shakes his hand but then she keeps shaking his hand(very sweet scene) and after realizing what she was doing teh episode ends.
please lemme know how i did.. i would really appreciate that n clik thank you please:P


Written Update- 28/5/2007- TWO UPDATES- 2zohqb6
Written Update- 28/5/2007- TWO UPDATES- Oj1npw
Written Update- 28/5/2007- TWO UPDATES- Ranisig18ww8
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Written Update- 28/5/2007- TWO UPDATES-
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